If you’re reading me with your eyes right now I’d like to say hello. I am the University of Nevada’s  newest original publication, The Nevada SpaceSuit. Now we know what you’re sayin “OMG another one of these? These rip-offs of Coffin and Keys are never as good as Coffin and Keys. Hell, Coffin and Keys isn’t even as good as Coffin and Keys anymore.” Well we couldn’t agree with you more.

The SpaceSuit isn’t here to try to out in-joke C&K a la Muffin and Cheese, and we’re not here to out weird them like the Order of the Scepter. In fact, we’re not really here to compete with anything except the homework you should be doing right now instead of reading me.

Until the return voyage,

The Nevada SpaceSuit Team

(We’re The Strong-Jawed Gentleman and

The Dumpy Chick on the left)









One Response to “SpaceSuit Mission Control”

  1. Cody Saunders said

    Keep it coming.

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