Here they are, the most annoying questions that you guys just can’t seem to figure it out. And if your question isn’t here… do everyone a favor and keep it to yourself.

Q: How many people write for the SpaceSuit?

A: Good question. All the members of the STS-164 Discovery write it together. You know, when we’re not busy drinking. We get bored as shit going to space so many times a month. Did you know it takes a god damn week to get to the moon?! And really, floating weightlessly was only cool the first three times.

Q: Why did you start the Nevada SpaceSuit?

A: There isn’t a lot of entertainment specifically aimed at students at this school. There’s a lot of time between C&K’s and bagels and cheeses or whatever and we want to fill the void left by irregular publishing schedules.

Q: What does it mean, “The Nevada SpaceSuit, Keepin’ Nevada Safe in the Vacuum”?

A: Well, we love wood flooring; both for its functionality and ambiance. We promise to make everything wood flooring, thereby keeping all Nevada students safe from vacuums (unlike that poor, poor kid from Canada Hall back in ‘06).

Q: I don’t get your blog.

A: And I don’t get your question.

Q: Do you guys know Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong?

A:  We don’t just know them. We know them, know them.

Q: Why do you guys constantly use different personal pronouns? Like sometimes it’s I and sometimes we in the same article?

A: It’s called an identity crisis. But really, if it bothers you that much, we could stop writing all together. Think about how many laughs you’d miss daily. You’d def be at least 100 calories heavier. That’s 36,500 calories more a year. Fatass.

Q: Who are you guys?

A: Wait, weren’t we supposed to omit stupid questions?


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